About the Journal

Journal Title: Jurnal Literasi Pendidikan Fisika (JLPF)
Print ISSN: 2714-5689
Online ISSN: 2721-0529
Frequency: 2 issues per year
Publisher: Department of Physics Education, Mulawarman University





Jurnal Literasi Pendidikan Fisika (Journal of Physics Education Literacy) or JLPF [Print ISSN 2714-5689 | Online ISSN 2721-0529] is a peer-reviewed and open-access scientific journal of educational research. This journal publishes any scientific articles resulting from studies or literature reviews in science education, especially physics education, which contribute to the understanding, theoretical development, theoretical concept, and implementation of theories of education at any level. JLPF is published twice a year in April and November. For any information about this journal please contact jlpf@fkip.unmul.ac.id.