Yupa: Historical Studies Journal publishes articles for four aspects below:

Historiography involves crafting historical narratives by critically examining sources, meticulously selecting details from authentic materials, and synthesizing these details into a narrative that withstands critical scrutiny. Studies in historiography span various chronological themes such as local history, social history, cultural history, economic history, political history, military history, intellectual history, environmental history, and other historical disciplines.

The philosophy of history delves into the examination of either the historical process and its development or the methodologies employed by historians in comprehending their material. The history of education is a retrospective exploration that centers on educational issues, including educational systems, institutions, theories, themes, and related phenomena from the past.

History education encompasses inquiries into how history is taught in schools or societies, the curriculum, educational values embedded in events, figures, historical heritage, media and sources of historical learning, history teachers, and analyses of textbooks.