Scope The BEduManagers Journal(BEMJ) provides those interested in the effective management of the educational process with a broad overview of developments and best practice in the field, with particular reference to how new ideas can be applied in the  educational environment and worldwide. Educational management refers to the administration of the education system in which a group combines human and material resources to supervise, plan, strategies, and implement structures to execute an education system. The education system is an ecosystem of professionals in educational institutions, such as government ministries, unions, statutory boards, agencies, and schools. As the whole structure and philosophy of education goes through a sea-change, and as budgets are cut, educational managers need to keep abreast of new developments in order to maximize their resources and determine the most appropriate management strategy for their institution. The journal explores research in the following areas:

  • Innovation in educational management across the spectrum
  • The development of educational delivery mechanisms
  • Creation of an environment in which the management of resources provides the most efficient and effective outputs
  • Sharing of new initiatives, with local, regional, national and international application

The BEduManagers Journal(BEMJ) addresses the increasingly complex role of the educational manager, offering local, regional and national perspectives on common problems and providing a forum for the sharing of ideas, information and expertise in the  educational environment